The Hidden Value in a Recession or Depression

Those who hold that human beings are more than the physical aspect of themselves tend also to hold the view that everything that occurs in this, the 3rd dimensional, physical realm, occurs ultimately for the good of the individual, even when on the surface of things, those things that occur appear to be hurtful, even sinister. Read More...

How to find Purpose, Passion and Opportunity The life you want is waiting to be created, by you.

Build your own personal virtual Dream Board.

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The Importance of Speaking...Your Truth

As we all know, speaking in public and speaking your truth in public is at the top of the list of our fears. This fear springs from several sources: (1) Our inability to speak the language "properly," (2) Our fear of being ridiculed, and (3) Our fear of having our views and beliefs invalidated by those who do not agree with them. Read More...
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The Road Less Traveled is littered with challenges. But it is the only road leading out of the neighborhood of the mundane.
Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Opportunity
When Times Are Hard

One of the greatest tragedies of financial mis-education is that in so-called depressed economic time, people are taught to be fearful when during such times, their financial salvation often lies in their willingness to be courageous. Read More...

It is no secret that a great many people have a deep desire to live extra-ordinary lives. Mostly though, we get bogged down in the details of daily living and forget about these deep desires. Still, over and over again, these desires continually rise to the surface. And, it is often the case that during the middle years of our life that we begin finally to heed the call.

And despite beliefs to the contrary, the middle years can be the best time to reach new and exciting peaks in your life.

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